The Orna Porat Theater for Children and Youth is the most senior repertoire theater for the young audience.
The theater was founded in 1970 by the actress, Mrs. Orna Porat,  winner of the Israel Prize, and Yigal Alon of blessed memory, who at the time was the Minister of Education.
The major goal of this theater is to lead the tidings of the theater art to all the children in Israel intending to impart them aesthetic-artistic values as well as humane, national and universal values through their encounter with the artistic creation.
The theater is resident of the Yaron Yerushalmi Hall at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv.
The Orna Porat Theater is a public non-profit organization. All its income is destined for the advancement of its goals and the financing of its activity.  The Theater is supported by the Education, Culture and Sports Ministry and the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa municipality.
During the years of its operation, the theater has nurtured a rich and diverse repertoire both regarding its substances as well as its style and has advanced the high quality creation in the area of Children's Theater. Every year the theater produces approximately 20 different plays, which are presented on stage before an audience of 400 thousand viewers in 250 paces all over the country.
This is a professional repertoire theater, appearing in the various theater halls around the country, as well as through activities at schools. The theatre has an educational department that organizes theater days, encounters, preparations for viewing and workshops for youth.
The theater, which is live, contemporary, instigates thoughts and creates experience, tries to affect the members of the young Israeli generation as much as possible; to enrich their spiritual world and to nurture them as theater viewers in particular and culture consumers in general.

The dwelling of the theater was, for long years, in the Yaron Yerushalmi Hall at the Suzanne Dellal Center.
Yaron Yerushalmi, of blessed memory, the son of Ilana and David Yerushalmi, was born in 1950.

Upon the completion of his studies at the "Herzliya" high school, Yaron volunteered to serve with the paratroopers, at regiment 890.
During the War of Attrition, Yaron fell in the line of duty on the banks of the Suez Canal when he was only 19 years old.
To commemorate him, the families of David and Micky Yerushalmi initiate much for the advancement of the creation and art in the country and are partners to the activities in the areas of theater, dance and music in Israel.