Korczak – Ten match boxes שחקנים ויוצרים

Artistic consultation:  Ruth Canner

Actor: Amichai Prado 

A Monodrama with the participation of the audience and a conversation following the show.

Encounter with the actor Amichai Prado who personifies the image of Yanush Korczak . The show outlines the images of Korczak's ten students who had been given match boxes as presents. Each child creates something else from the box, according to his own personality and needs.
The show presents basic problems that evolve in the children's society such as decency, honor and the attitude towards the different and the other.
Following the show the actor integrates the audience of pupils through improvisations of the images of the children in the story, and all of that thanks to the match boxes.  At the end of the show the actor converses with the pupils about Korczak.

This show appeared in London, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Veronge and St. Petersburg and had won the Outstanding Actor's Award at the "Rainbow" International Festival in May, 2001

For ages: Grades 3 to 6