The Mutual Note שחקנים ויוצרים

Writer and director: Yaki Mahraz
Percussions: Hen Zimbalista
Wind instruments: Arik Livnat
Design of set and props: Nizan Reffaeli
Lighting: Misha Chernyevski, Ina Malkin-Salomon

What happens to two friends when they don’t always get along? They encounter each other through the sounds and the music.
What happens when each one has a dream to play on a different instrument? They encounter through their dreams.
What happens to the percussions' family when it encounters the wind instrument family? A big musical family is formed.
Since their childhood, Arik and Hen meet each other, part, and then always return to playing together. The same is true for their music which mediates, becomes irritated, excited and finally- integrates.  The musical show contains different styles, which characterize the path of the two musicians: classical compositions, jazz, Jewish Soul Music, ethnic music and more.
Hen plays on various and diverse percussions: Marimba, drums, bells and others.
Arik plays the trumpet, saxophone clarinet, flutes and others.   
Together, and separately, they make music, sing and play.
Hen Zimbalista and Arik Livnat walk through the road of notes and present a musical adventure.