The Ascent of the Bald Ones שחקנים ויוצרים

Written by:
Effrayim Sidon / Directing: Zippi Pines
Set design: Kineret Kish / Costumes: Dana Zarfatti
Music: Miron Minster / Choreography: Iris Lana
Baldness and props: Einat Sandrovitch
Actors: Motti Katz, Robert Henig, Yael Amit, Niz Raz, Erez Weiss, Noa Parto,
Yonatan Paz-Buganim, Shimrit Sasson, Tal Yarimi

"The Ascent of the Bald Ones" is a city in which all its citizens are bald  and have never seen
hair in their life.
One day, to his utter amazement, the mayor discovers a hair growing on his head.  All his attempts to get rid of it are in vain. When the citizens of the city find out the truth about that hair, the mayor loses his position and is exiled.
Will the mayor return to "The Ascent of the Bald Ones"? 
Will he regain his dignity? 
Will the citizens realize that the characteristics of the elected one are more important than his external appearance?